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《可持续发展经济导刊》(期刊号:CN10-1603/F,ISSN 2096-6520)是由中华人民共和国商务部主管的一份聚焦企业社会责任和可持续发展的商业管理类期刊,于2019年1月正式创刊,由2002年创刊的《WTO经济导刊》更名而来,是中国在企业社会责任和可持续发展领域的一面旗帜。



China Sustainability Tribune, (hereinafter referred to as CST, formerly named China WTO Tribune) supervised by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM), and hosted by China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE), is founded in 2002. It is an upgrade of China WTO Tribune in the field of social responsibility and sustainability.

As the only domestic media named after sustainable development, CST has been actively contributed to global sustainable development based on the motto of “Global Perspective, Competition and Win Together”. It promotes various fields, industries and organizations, especially those who have a huge influence on economy, society and environment, to be sustainable, to take actions for sustainable development, and to support the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

CST’s main audiences are from central and local government departments (policy makers), research institutions (experts and scholars), associations (Industry builder), large and medium-size enterprises (business leaders and managers).

Besides the journal, as a pioneer, promoter, advocator and communicator of China’s social responsibility, we take the lead in CSR researching, consulting, training and responsible brand building services. 

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Note: to apply for joining the sustainable development action exhibition hall, please contact the sustainable development economic guide and apply for an account to publish action case information. Tel.: 010-62160423